About Us

We are a team of certified Paramedics with extensive hands-on experience in performing actual CPR. We started the company in 2003 with a vision of improving CPR education worldwide. Initially, there were many doubts regarding the online education environment and its utilization for emergency skills and other healthcare training, however, with the advancement of online education tools, we believe that we may assist with the delivery of instruction so much that the benefits far outweigh the detractors.

Our mission is to train and educate individuals to become the most highly skilled Emergency Medical Service professionals. Continuous quality improvement is the primary focus of our educational training program. We take every possible step to instill knowledge from our previous experience through continuous evaluation and improvement. Each member of our team participates in this process, as an open atmosphere leads to innovation, quality education, and instruction. Our students are trained to these high standards and exemplify the character of our organization after successful completion of their course or program of study.

The EMS University Team

We teach a wide range of programs. We currently have a Basic Life Support (BLS) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) educational department. These departments are assisted by our administrative team to ensure the success of our overall operations. Each EMS University team member is highly valued, trained and dedicated to the success of our students. We work together as a team to ensure the highest quality programs and to provide the best chance of success for our students.

EMS Department

EMT Program Lead Instructor - Scott DeMasters, EMT-Paramedic
Scott is a National Registered and Arizona State certified Paramedic. Native to the State of Idaho, he relocated to Arizona in 2006. He has experience in both rural and urban EMS systems with the majority of his career spent providing emergency care for the various Native American communities of Arizona. He resides in Phoenix.

EMT Program Lead Instructor - Anthony Fornaro, FF/Paramedic
Mr. Fornaro has over 13 years of EMS experience. He certified as an EMT-Basic in 1998 and in late 1999, he employed with Southwest Ambulance. There, he worked as an EMT for 3 more years until he certified as a Paramedic in 2002. Mr. Fornaro continued his employment at Southwest Ambulance until 2004, when accepted a position as Firefighter/Paramedic with with the Sun City Fire Department. Seeking new opportunities, he left Sun City for the Maricopa Fire Department in 2007 where he still employed today. From 2004 on, Mr. Fornaro has kept continuous part-time employment with Med-Care Resources, Med-Care Wildland, Native American Air Ambulance, Professional Medical Transport, Kett Engineering (Volkswagen Arizona Proving Grounds), and Ak-Chin Fire Department. He has taught EMT and Paramedic school at Fortis College and continues his instruction with EMS University today. Mr. Fornaro greatly enjoys teaching, working with students, and helping them to succeed. He is very excited to be a member of the EMS University team.

EMT Instructor - Rex Harmon, EMT-Paramedic
Rex Harmon has over 20 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services. He began his career in Prehospital care in January of 1990 after obtaining his Emergency Medical Technician-Basic certification. He worked with a private ambulance company and later that year began work for Maricopa County’s LARC program.
He continued this work until October of 1993 when he transferred to the Emergency Department at Maricopa Medical Center as a Technician and assisted with providing patient care in many different responsibilities. In October of 1995, he was promoted and became responsible for managing the cast room for the hospital.
Seeking a change of pace, in February of 1998, he began work for Gila River EMS and in October 2000 he started a Paramedic program and became certified in 2002. After 6 years with Gila River EMS, he took a job with PMT Ambulance and quickly moved from the Paramedic position to Field Supervisor and then to Operations Manager. He has served on Advisory Boards for College EMS Programs for EMTs and Paramedics. He is excited to be a part of the EMS University team.

EMS Instructor - Biju Panicker, EMT, B.S.
Mr. Panicker has over 12 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services. He began his career in EMS in January of 2000 after volunteering as a First Responder for a local ambulance corps in NY. A year after volunteering on an ambulance, the ambulance corps sponsored him to become an EMT. He subsequently began working as a full time EMT with a private ambulance company in Westchester County, NY. In 2004 he began working as in the City of New York for a private hospital under the direction of FDNY 911 EMS and worked dually in NYC and in Westchester County
He continued this work until July or 2007 when he moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In 2009 he began instructing CPR and First Aid for the American Red Cross. In 2011, took employment as an EMT and Adjunct Instructor for Gila River EMS. After 2 years with Gila River EMS he returned to school to complete his Masters in Organizational Leadership and Emergency Preparedness. He is currently employed as an EMT with Southwest Ambulance and an Investigator for a financial institution in the valley. He seeks to assist in training and educate individuals to become the most highly skilled Emergency Medical Service professionals possible.

BLS Department

Basic Life Support Instructor - Emily Garcia, Prev. EMT-Basic, M.S.
Ms. Garcia has 4 years experience teaching CPR programs. She is also Arizona Post General Instructor. Holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice and an Masters Degree in Administration of Justice. She highly values public and 9-1-1 dispatcher education.

Basic Life Support Instructor - Marilea Major, P.T., BLS Instructor
Ms. Major's area of expertise is in personal training and group exercise instruction. She has served as an educator by instructing small and large groups for several years. She has been a small business owner since 1979 and is proud to be a part of the EMS University team. Her hobbies include arts & crafts, sewing, and martial arts.

Basic Life Support Instructor - Angelina Wilkey, EMT
Ms. Wilkey lives in Portland and travels all over the city and state of Portland teaching CPR. She has been nationally and state certified as an EMT since 2009. She enjoys teaching and firmly believes that everyone should be CPR certified. She strives to educate others in CPR/AED (adult and infant), First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens. She aims to teach life-saving techniques, valuable new information, and the necessary skills that will prepare students for any emergency situation. She emphasizes that no one is too young to learn CPR and welcomes children to participate. She enjoys helping to save lives by teaching the skill of how to save others.

Administrative Department

Administrative Lead - Gennady Sacopla, B.S.N.
Ms. Sacopla began her educational studies at Immaculate Conception College in Albay and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. She has worked in various positions as a customer service representative and customer care specialist. She also has experience as an Emergency Department Nurse for Sameer Saeedi General Hospital. In her current position as Administrative Lead, she helps to answer questions from potential students and coordinates vital information back to other administrators and instructors regarding EMS University operations. She is also in charge of supervising administrative operations on a daily basis. She brings with her passion, in-depth knowledge, and enthusiasm for the EMS field.

Administrative Director - Lori Walker, M.S.
An integral part of the EMS University team, Ms. Walker has extensive experience in administration. Graduating from Northern State University in 1997 with her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Ms. Walker continued her education and received a Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling in 1999. She began working in various administrative positions, culminating into her current position as Administrative Director for EMS University. She is currently in charge of coordination for the administrative operations and instructor/student support services. She brings with her unmatched enthusiasm and passion for the EMS field and the students served by EMS University.

Medical Director - Dr. Josh Zeidler
Dr. Zeidler is an Emergency Room Physician at Chandler Regional Hospital. He also serves as Medical Director for several EMT and Paramedic Programs throughout the valley. He has a close working relationship with several state organizations in relationship to Emergency Medical Services. His guidance has led to the development of new methodologies in EMS education and his close involvement with these programs is a testament to his dedication.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Program Director - Jennifer Major, B.A.S. Early Childhood
In charge of CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens and other BLS Programs, Jennifer began her career in 1998 working at an inner-city elementary school where she assisted students of all ages in academic studies. She also has extensive experience working one on one with children with disabilities, particularly autism. She graduated summa cum laude from Northern Arizona University with her B.A.S. in Early Childhood. In her free time, when not tending to her three young children, she participates in multiple volunteer and charity opportunities, working with churches, domestic violence shelters, UMCOR, Soldier's Angels, educational facilities, animal shelters, and other venues to aid in the betterment of humankind.

Chief Executive Officer/EMS Program Director - Ruben Major, EMT-Paramedic, M.A.
Mr. Major began his career in Emergency Medical Services in 2000. He holds a Master's Degree in Military History and has experience as a Paramedic and EMS Supervisor in the field. He has taught CPR and First Aid Programs for several years. Ruben spent 2 years as Program Director for an EMS/Paramedic Program in the valley prior to working as Program Director for EMS University in Phoenix, Arizona. Ruben has published several articles on public safety and Emergency Medical Services in several prominent magazines and is responsible for creating the nation's first Native American APCO EMD Program. Mr. Major is currently seeking a Juris Doctor from Concord Law School.

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